With over four decades of combined experience in designing and building risk management solutions and over 20 years as executive end users of risk management solutions in a major investment bank, our management team understands first-hand the needs and challenges risk managers are facing in their daily work.

Our application was created to address these challenges, develop better solutions, offer richer, more flexible features and analysis, and improve the overall user experience.

In addition to offering an effective and reliable risk management application, we offer consulting services tailored to your precise needs, to help you both calculate relevant risk metrics and perform complex analysis.



GPS Analytics is developing a new end to end market risk management solution that can be tailored to your business and operational needs, offering:

  • superior data validation and control – rich data quality analysis in a step-by-step workflow management format with clear ownership and sign-off checkpoints

  • Comprehensive scenario analysis both in terms of market and position scenarios that allows quick and flexible  ‘what if’ analysis

  • Tailored features that go beyond measuring and calculating risk, to provide powerful functionality for decision making, allowing traders and risk managers to discover trading solutions for portfolio optimization

  • Clean screen design, intuitive navigation, with rich data visualization features

In our systems implementation, we go beyond calculating and reporting capital charges under the FRTB standards, to help clients come up with better strategies to optimize the use of the available capital. We not only answer the question 'what is the capital charge?' but also help clients understand the drivers of the capital charges and optimize the portfolio in order to achieve their target numbers.

Our solution, Capital View, uses state of the art technology and design to provide intuitive navigation, a better user experience and easy integration with existing risk management applications. 

Based on our extensive experience in the industry, we focus on the ‘pain points’ such as data quality assurance, flexible user interfaces and rich data visualization, risk scenarios and capital optimization functionality.


For banks globally, 2019 could be a pivotal year in accelerating the transformation into more strategically focused, technologically modern, and operationally agile institutions, so that they may remain dominant in a rapidly evolving ecosystem. This metamorphosis is far from easy as most banks grapple with multiple challenges: complex and diverging regulations, legacy systems, disruptive models and technologies, new competitors, and, last but not least, an often restive customer base with ever-higher expectations.

As users of many risk management systems over the years, we have found them lacking important desired features and functionality, so we have set out to build a better solution.  Our strong understanding both of risk management practices and technology, our ability to think strategically and at the same time to participate directly in the product development have allowed us to:

  • Develop workable solutions in addressing industry ‘pain points’, e.g. a set of data quality assurance steps, largely underestimated by our competitors; we don’t take “garbage-in, garbage out” as a foregone conclusion

  • Come up with technical solutions - e.g. NLQL, a framework for risk data query in a language close to ‘natural language’

  • Make meaningful use of emerging technologies – e.g. use of private blockchain solution for data lineage management

  • Emphasize providing a decision-making solution that goes well beyond the typical reporting tools that most current solutions offer; go from ‘what is the size of my risk’ to ‘how can I best restructure my portfolio to maximize my capital efficiency?’


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